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Well, I have learned a valuable lesson here. I bought this from a shop in indiana that sells on ebay (no auctions, just brand new). I called this morning basically asking advice of what to do, and his response was "well I haven't had any problems with them and I've sold a lot of them, so take it to a service center". So, he has basically washed his hands of it. I called a couple service centers and they ask "did you buy it here or online?". When I answered them, the whole tone of the conversation changed. "Well that's what you get when you order online" is the answer I got there. They told me that they will most likely be way too busy on a saturday to look at the machine. I work 14 hours a day monday through friday, which excludes me from going to any LWS. So I figured I would save a few hundred by ordering online.

Lesson learned. I should've spent that $1200 on beer, I'd be in a lot better mood right now.

Call Miller and tell them all that has transpired. All that you have done and most importantly what the LWS's have said and tell the who the dealers are with that attitude.

I know who ya bought from - thanks for giving me thier response as well.

Never bought from IOC and never will.