Can someone diagnose what I'm doing wrong?... I just got a new Spectrum 375 plasma cutter, and it's running on 240v. No matter what I cut, 16ga on up to 3/16" I get tons of dross on the bottom of the cut. It's very difficult to remove. I have tried changing the output, from 16 amps all the way to full power 27amps with no effect. I have tried increasing the air pressure, even outside the little green arrows. I have also tried slowing my cut, and increasing the speed of the cut to the point at which it doesn't cut all the way through 1/8" steel. Seems that no matter what I do, I end up with tons of dross, or it doesn't cut all the way through. Also - I get a lot of curved lines on the cut, no smooth edges. This is very disappointing seeing that this machine is rated to cut 3/8" and I'm getting crappy cuts on 1/8". I'm doing just small cuts (an inch or two) with a 25 gallon compressor set at 90psi. I'm totally disappointed and wondering A) am I doing something totally wrong, or B) is my machine defective?