Ok, I'm just going to rant for a little bit, so bear with me. Is it just me, or does anyone else get concerned by the fact that you just about can't find anything built here anymore?? Case in point: I've spent the last week casually looking for some basic old C clamps for an upcoming project. Nothing special, just common wood working tools. I was not able to find a single brand that was built here. I checked all the usual "box" and hardware stores to no avail. Does it bother me so much that a simple tool isn't built here, well not so much. It's the over all idea that really scares me more than bothers me. For those of you that don't know, I'm a relative "pup" among most of the old-timers on here (I'm only 30), but I have read my share of history books and listen to the stories from my family and friends over the years. Not in anyway to slight anyone from the wars of yesteryear (my grandfather flew on board the B-17G's over N Africa, dad was in Vietnam), but on top of all the valor, courage, and guts, there was another great advantage we held. To boil it all down, this great country was able to make "stuff" better and faster than anyone else could destroy it. What would happen today if we needed that production capacity? Not only that, but as most of us know, the very idea of the common person being able to do anything (really, anything) mechanical is virtually disappering from the landscape right in front of our faces. I work in the construction industry and can get boiling mad when I so often here comments like "you'd better get an education, or you'll end up working construction or driving a truck". I also have a class A CDL with double/triple and tanker endorsements....and I USE it! Some of the greatest people I've know over the years came home dirty at the end of the day because they did something that mattered from sunup to sundown (forget 9-5). Heaven forbid you use your mind AND your might during the day.

Personally I'd like to thank the folks at Miller for their products and dedication to making this place better in their own little way. Hopefully, the great dollar will not force a change. After all, there's usually a reason someone is the cheapest bidder.

Just my thoughts.....SSS