Trying to set up and run my "new" S-22P8 on my Trailblazer 251 and think I stumbled into the answer, actually I think dad remembered.

I am running Flux cored .045 and just wanted to verify my switch positions with someone familar with this set up, I have read the manuals and searched these forums and am not seeing the answer.

I am DCEN, I have it set on the MIG setting, I have the "machine lead" plugged into the far right MIG terminal (CV)

I have the two Mig switches down on the little 14 signs, which if I am reading correctly give control too the suitcase.

OK, here are my direct questions
When I turn my suitcase on, it brings my engine RPM up to Run instead of idle, even if it is on run/idle and was idling, it never returns to idle. Is that normal?

Does my central A/V knob on the Trailblazer still control max output Voltage? If I am reading things right, What I am looking at on the suitcase is a % of Voltage that would be available? Kind of like my amptrol on my TIG, ie, if I set it to 20V wide open is only 20V, is that correct? I think that is my problem, (I had it set down too low) and when it dawned on me, talking to dad, I ran out of gas......

Thanks for any help.