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Thread: my welder

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    Default my welder

    Hello every one im starting a mobile welding fabricating business i bought freinds 1968 hobart 200 amp welder generator. the welder has a cover on the welder but the engine is exposed to the elements does anyone think it would be ok if i put this in the back of my truck. this welder runs like new i dont want to screw it up by possibly getting condensation in the electrical components i live in michigan weve already gotten snow so the weather here is not to dry i was thinking about getting a tarp and putting it over and around it but i still thought id better ask plus i need the weight for getting thru the snow well thanks Ryan

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    Default Covers are great, but......

    get one that is fitted for your machine. If one cannot be purchased, you can order one custom made. Interestingly, custom fitted covers are comparable in price to off-the-shelf versions. My machine, like yours, is not entirely enclosed and when my machine is not running, it is covered. One more reason to go buy a new TB. LOL

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    up here in northern Maine we have some of the worst weather condition around in winter and most of us that do portable welding dont have covers on them most of the time. They run every day. But then agen for the most part we all have Miller.

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    Mine's fully enclosed and is still covered whenever it's not in use

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    If you are in the welding and fab biz make one?

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    Default Get it covered

    My Air pack is covered in sheet wife made a vinyl drop over cover thats used when the welder is parked. The local welder repair guy said thats the smartes thing I could do for the longivity of the welder. It's 20 years old now and still doing everything I ask of it.

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