I have a Miller auto darkening hood, I think it is a 216321 or something like that,, it's the one with Old Glory, and auto darkening with a dimmer control on outside upper left, by temple area.. I need a battery cover goes on the inside, called the local Miller dealer in Tampa and got the distinct feeling I was bothering them!! How dare I ask for such a piddly thing for my $400.00 hood, just cause I can NOT weld without it!! Really ticked me off..

Does anyone know any dealers that carry them? This was the first time I had to change the battery, and don't know if it was broke to start with or I handled it to hard,,, but one of the little tangs was gone, now I can not get a battery to stay in,, I would weld it in but can't weld with out helmet!!! Just kidding here...

Thanks gang