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    Default lets see your TIG carts Dyn200 TA185 and the like

    i'm about to start my cart and as im going to do it out of aluminum i kinda want to get it right as i have a limited amount of free aluminum to work with. i'm also thinking of polishing it up when im done so i dont want to get dome and find out i forgot some thing real important i should have added (kinda like i did with the last cart ) as i'm still new to TIG i think odds are good i'm not thinking of some thing i need to include in the cart.
    so how about helping me get it right the first time. pic's of your carts and what you did or did not add or wish you had added.
    thanks guys.
    nothing like an excuse to show off your stuff.

    well here is the stuff i have to work with.
    1" aluminum tube with some pre-bent 90%'s, 5" swivel wheels,some 18" 110% open bearing slides for a droow and enough diamond plate to make a neat lil foot controle holder.
    1st pic is a quick look at the suplys i'll be using
    2nd is the pile of the rest of the suplies, man i gota clean up the shop.
    3rd is the foot controle idea.
    4th is the old all terain cart i'm using now that has gotten over filled
    i got my covers on e-bay and only have 1 more order to fill befor i can start the shop clean up from the last 4 or 40 jobs then i can get started on the new cart, with any luck that will happen this week end, wish me luck.
    ill post pic's as it progresses.
    Attached Images Attached Images
    thanks for the help
    hope i helped

    feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat.
    summer is here, plant a tree. if you don't have space or time to plant one sponsor some one else to plant one for you. a tree is an investment in our planet, help it out.

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