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    Jun 2008

    Default might be a weldor if

    a few more popped into my brain today...hope not too many are repeats
    i swear i could come up with these all day if i had the time

    you might be a weldor if...

    1. you've ever heated canned pasta w/an Oxy Acet torch for lunch

    2. you've practiced tig on beer cans

    3. you worry more about your ability to grow eyebrows than unibrows

    4. you could care less if your truck gets scratched but god forbid something hurt the miller blue!

    5. you rush through past 6000 cars at a hot rod show to see what new toys miller's created (last weekend for me)

    6. you have just as much fun welding as you do driving a muscle car

    7. you've borrowed "gravity boots" just to see if you could weld upside down

    8. you're more excited about finishing your project than going to the bar on friday night

    9. you find more mig tips than quarters in your couch (and leave the quarters)

    10. you spent more time planning your next project than planning the wife'gf's birthday (not recommended...highly dangerous/explosive)

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    When you are doing your "other" job that pays the bills and your mind wanders to the TIG welder at home and how relaxing it is to do it, even if you don't have much experience yet, and your welds suck. Wonder how much more I'll like it when I can do it correctly! It's the best.

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    Jun 2008

    Default Ymbaw

    If you forget you were just grinding and put your grinding shield on in place of your hood and start to weld with it still on.

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    4. you could care less if your truck gets scratched but god forbid something hurt the miller blue!
    How true!!!

    "You know you're a welder if..."

    ...'All position' means your body.

    ...You just grit your teeth while a white hot spatter ball burns through your scalp so you don't mess up your weld.

    ...You can identify different stick electrodes by their smell.

    "If you build it, they will come!"

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    You can throw a stick electrode at the telephone pole across the parking lot and it sticks EVERY TIME...

    You have aluminum wire from the last part of a 1 lb. spool strung around your living room for a tv antenna...

    The radio antenna on your vehicle is 1/8" aluminum filler rod...

    You have a back scratcher on your bedside table bent from 3/32" stainless filler rod...

    You have another one in your tool box and one in your vehicle...
    "If you build it, they will come!"

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    Oct 2006
    Mpls, MN


    You might be a weldor if you don't know your kids birthdays, but you know every type, size, and quantity of filler and electrode you have on hand.
    Syncrowave 250DX
    Invison 354MP
    XR Control and 30A

    Airco MED20 feeder
    Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 81
    Smith O/A rig
    And more machinery than you can shake a 7018 rod at

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    ...You go into a welding shop for a welding test to get a job and the foreman gives you some scrap pieces, spins the dials on the machine, and you just smile because you used the same set-up on the same material the day before and remember the settings that worked perfectly...
    "If you build it, they will come!"

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    May 2008
    San Diego

    Default you might be a welder....

    Times are tough and you sell your wife instead of old blue!!!!
    Millermatic 210
    Syncrowave 200
    Spectrum 625 X-treme
    Hobart Champion 16 W/
    Miller 8VS Suitcase
    Miller 3035 Spool Gun
    Tons of Tools
    Laptop and Printer
    Speakers in the Back for all to hear Sirius Radio!

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    That's hardcore welder, Lanceman!
    "If you build it, they will come!"

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    How about a picture of the wife and how much for the welder?

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