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...If every time you go to take off your ballcap, you try and unclip your hood first, still thinkin you are wearing a hard hat

...You can smoke a cigarette under your hood, and still weld a consistent bead (my supervisor)

...you start gagging on your dip b/c you dont want to stop welding to spit

...you get dirty looks at the bar when you and your buddies are talkin about your rods

...you keep the proper angle on your ketchup bottle to run a perfect bead on your hotdog (caught myself doing this the other day, dad thought i was nuts)
I can burn a cigarette under my hood. I just haven't figured out how to burn one through the resperator that keeps you from getting lung cancer from the weld fumes. Ohh-- I get it, Y.M.B.A.W. if, see above comment.