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    Probably already said but...

    You know you are a GOOD arc welder when you don't have to chip slag at all because it just falls off.

    I was at our local Tech school taking my reoccurring structural test for all positions with 3" pipe. I take the test there because there instructors are certified by the state. The day I was there they were conducting a arc welding class with mostly newbies. I was going def from all the chipping hammers. I started welding and after about 15 minutes I noticed about 10 students over my shoulder in amazement. They asked for my best advice... I told them... "Don't whale with you chipping hammers, your instructors listen to how much chipping you do because poor welds tend to hold slag and they can tell how good your welds are by how much pounding you are doing". Let's just say the rest of the day was a little quieter at least.
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    ....if you use your Victor O/A outfit to light your charcol grill.

    GrillStarter.jpg use $ 200.00 worth of steel to do what $20.00 of wood could do. (my wife has informed me of this on several projects)

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    Default Ymbawi

    Your neighbors have friends over every evening at dusk to watch the fireworks show and you are not invited.

    Your tractor weighs more now than when new and looks like a calico CAT.

    Just trying to keep the Big Sky warm.

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    If you have the needed concentration to weld while wearing flip-flops!

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    springfield mo.

    Default you might be a welder


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    you might be a welder if you over heat E6010 welding rods to use as wood burners
    ymbaw if know never carry a bic lighter because of bad experiences

    oh and great job skid this is a great post spent an hour reading it

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    if your wife finds all of her pots and pans in one of your sculptures
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    If ya know what E1093 or 11093 is....
    Oh Yeah James I Finally got my Dynasty 200 Monday I'll Take a picture of it in your Cover once it gets into the Garage. Its still in the living room......
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    malcolmpaul Guest


    you have a 1 inch compressed ring around your head

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    Quote Originally Posted by malcolmpaul View Post
    you have a 1 inch compressed ring around your head
    Or the most unique hair do of anybody that you know.

    Guy I used to work with used to weld with a fairly big mohawk, man that looked odd by the end of the day sometimes.
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