I'm thinking about building a cradle to mount my Bobcat 250 into. It is currently mounted on a trailer, but now that I have a set of forks for my loader (hence my screen name) I'd like to add some versitility to it's mounting. I was thinking about the base being from either channel or rectangular tubing (probably 3 or 4 in) with some runners underneath to prevent the forks from accidentally exploring the underside of the fuel tank. I'd be curious in hearing about different designs you guys have or have seen in the field (pics would be great). I'd like to mount my bottles with it if I can get the right design and the center of gravity works out because I'd like to be able to lift from the top as well. That brings up another issue. I'm thinking I'd play it safe and not use the lifting loop on the Bobcat to lift the entire cradle. I'm sure the bottom of the machine case is not stout enough for lifting and the bolts would just pop through. SSS