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    motorhead Guest

    Question Welding Project Challenge Disapointment

    Sure was disapointed with the results of the top 3 projects. I thought this was going to be something to challenge people, not begining welding 101. I am not trying to take away from the guys that won, but come on its suppose to be something with a little more welded parts on it.
    I liked some of the top 10 projects a lot better. The English wheel, Tubing bender, even the Rack. Something you can sink your teeth into. Even for a beginner like me it would be something to be proud of, and worth the Awards that Miller gave out.

    What are your thoughts?

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    Default Welding Project Challenge Disapointment

    Yes, I was a bit disapointed too but, as I found out when I first started reading the questions posted here, it became very obvious this is a message board for amateurs. So, it makes sense that the judges looked for projects that were "easy to build" and "almost anyone could build". I agree, most of the honourable mention projects were of greater interest to me too.

    I don't log on to this site much anymore or respond to questions because it is not at the level I'm working at. It's great for people that are starting out or don't have many resources available to them to get information. They just need to keep in mind that not everyone who offers advise knows what they are talking about. I hope this message board continues and improves!

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    My local Wal Mart has the same rack to hold their air tools but the other way around so the tools are stored upright.


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    I was also a little disappointed in the projects challenge. I was under the impression they were looking for some "new" welding ideas, not plans that have been floating around the net for awhile now. I have most of those plans already bookmarked in my favorites!I didn't think we could just take someone else's ideas and call them our own. I'm also a little bitter because I too came up with an air tool rack idea. Except mine doesn't take 20 dollars in brass couplers to build, its all scrap bed frame, its original, you can oil your tools while being stored and its portable, plus its my own design

    english wheel -

    backhoe -

    bending brake -
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    I think it would be great if they set up a file with all the applicants projects. I'm sure we could all benefit from sharing the ideas submitted.
    I bought a MM135 and had completed the first manditory project....built a cart for it (my first attempt at wirefeed). I saw the Miller challenge and put together a workstation/trolley for a upright smoker my wife had bought me. It turned out pretty good for an old puddler.
    I didn't know what to expect as this was the first time I submitted a project for a contest. I'll do it again if Miller decides to put another one on.
    Disappointed? Sure....I don't like to lose! But, I'll keep bending scrolls and putting together projects that fit my needs.

    I am positive it was a difficult process for Miller and I applaud their efforts.


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    Default me too!

    I'm disapointed! very disapointed that I didn't get one of them nice Millermatic 210's....My wife told me that she thinks I would have stood a better chance getting one if I had intered the contest..she's probably right..she usually is *LOL* I'm just happy to see someone get them. I personally think all the projects That I looked at were great..I too wish Miller would make it so we could see all of them..that would be nice. Maybe Miller will do this again and let us forum members vote. I think that's real nice of Miller to give welders away..that tells you a lot about what a good company they are (in my opinion).
    Regards, Farris
    Gone But Never Forgotten!

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    I agree they were a bit on the simple side of things.

    I have found that I really enjoy the ideas I get from There are some serious projects on the go there all the time as well as simple things that make life easier as well. I still check here every once and a while but not too often.

    I wish they would offer the give-a-ways in Canada as well as in the US. There are a lot of blue machines up here too.

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    Feb 2006
    North Texas


    When I saw the results of the contest, I too was disappointed in several ways. First, alot of the projects did not fit the criteria that Miller asked for. When I went back to look at Millers terms you could not see them anymore. Second, the cost of the projects were on the non-frugal side or were on the specialty end, something you rarely use. Last, this part made me sick, was the fact that these were not original ideas. It's like the kid that plagiarize their term paper and screw up the curve for everyone else. I also was curious who the panel of judges were. At first I felt like I was blowing this thing out of proportion, but being in the welding field I take great pride in my work and ideas and to see a quack take credit for someone elses work really steamed me. What kind of example are we leading to the younger welders on this site? Anyway I applaud and congratulate all the others who took the time and effort to enter individually thought ideas.

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    Default Did anyone read?

    Hey folks,

    Did anyone read that these projects were for beginer to intermediate welder/fabricator's? They were'nt supposed to take more than 12 hrs, and would be judged on ingenuity, functionality and the ability to document the project. Yes, for the most part they were simple, but I think that was the idea. I too was dissapointed at first because I also had a winning project (at least I thought so). You're a bigger winner if you enjoy creating things and sharing your knowledge with the rest of us, NO MATTER WHAT YOUR LEVEL!Yes 1960, that was a volley in your direction. I for one will stay on this baord as long as everyone stays cool.

    Wasn't the anticipation great though?

    Later On,

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    Default one view

    Miller wanted welding projects that the average person can do. They didn't
    ask for us to create new inventions. For you that complain that all the projects were not original but copies of exisiting items. Well duh! It would be
    nearly impossible to come up with with something that has never been thought of or made in some style before your thought. Any idea you would have most likely is something you have seen before or the combination of items you thought you could stick together or modify. I also believe some of the projects didn't fit the criteria of the contest. Some projects I doubt
    could be completed in the time frame they specified and some would need special
    equipment to make that the average guy just doesn't have. I entered a project. I tried to figure what minimum tools the average guy would have access to for this project. Let's see.........a welder since it is a welding project contest............a way to cut metal to weld........drill and bits and
    hand tools plus a solid plan. The idea may have been lost with the vision of
    a Miller 210 sitting in your space. The idea was to make projects for our fellow
    weldors, new or pro to make and have some use from and to enjoy building.
    The prizes were an added incentive for the entrants. THANKS MILLER!! I am sure that every entrant thought they had a great project and a good chance
    to win or why enter. Just because a project of less quality was picked and not yours let's not bash the winners. We are more than willing to accept the chance to win free Miller welders from a great company so let's grow up and
    respect their decisions. Thank God we don't all think alike......can you imagine
    all the projects being the same

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