Hi Guy's, I have a pile of 4" spool's of .023 for thin sheetmetal. I want to use them on my MM185 but can't because of the 5/8" spindle hole. I was going to rewind them on an empty big spool but don't have the time. So i thought of an adaptor, i don't have time to make one for a few days but i will throw out the idea. Use a piece of 2" black pipe the width of the big spool. Bring 2 arm's straight out with a 5/8" hole to hole the 4" spool, you can tighten the 5/8" nut for some tension on the little spool. Then you will need an arm downward like a kickstand to keep everything level for the wire to go into the drive. I have some 1/4" bolts with rubber feet i plan to use. Hey give it a shot. Sure beats buying a giant spool of .023 if you only need a little. Will post some pics in a few days...Bob
One other thing it would be good for those small rolls of flux core if you want to try flux core welding without buying a $50 roll.