Hey there guys!

I've completed the finishing touches on the new projects gallery! Check it out on http://millerwelds.com/education/projects/gallery/
(This will also be announced today in PowerClick. To sign up for Miller's e-newsletter, go to http://www.millerwelds.com/education/powerclick.php)

This includes a handful of the projects submitted during the contest (and a couple before the contest) to start. We will then take the remaining entries and evaluate them to add in the future. We probably won't post everything we'd received due to some entries not having pictures, poor-quality pictures or similar entries. The focus of the gallery is inspiration. You can submit project pictures to be possibly added to the gallery from the link at the bottom of the gallery page if you wish.

Also announced today in PowerClick will be the honorable mention winner, so keep your eyes open for that!

My latest project is working on a revised Motorsports photo gallery. It will be similar in style to the new projects gallery when it is ready. It should be very nice and easier to update when it's complete.