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    I am humbly chowing down on crow. I had a lapse and forgot how many flackey people there are out there that can't hold a job because they are undependable.

    As a business owner I was flirting with hiring another person until I found out California would levy something like $40,000 per year in employee costs... I'm in business one more year - then I shut it down.

    The current Governor - Arnold "the putz" has taken a left wing liberal enviro-nazi turn and signed legislation that is going to ruin business here in the state. If you are using a 10hp diesel generator to run equipment - it needs to be registered with the state (fee extrta) - or a $10,000 fine per day.

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    Wow! I have the exact oposite problem, we have no real regulation, no enforcers if we did.

    My generator has a 1.0 liter engine, never thought about it causing polution problems in my area.


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    I used to work for a company that would dild custom trailers,buckets for skis steers and other stuff like that,and they would have sticker with the company name,city and phone number.Semed to work.Hope it helps.

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