Hello, I am new to this forum. I did a little looking around, but i didnt find what i was looking for. What i am looking for is a good site or some good plans for projects for me to do this year in my shop class. I want to stray away from a trailer, because at least 3 or 4 people every year do trailers. I would like to find something, or even a few smaller ones would be great, to do that is different, but alows me to further my skill level in welding. I am a novice MIG welder. I have a pretty good amount of resouces to use for a project. So, what i am asking is for your guys/gals help in some suggestions and if possible, the plans for them. Also, if you know of a site with some project plans on it, that would be great. And i am looking for them to be free.

Thank you very much, Drolkan/Matt