Hey everyone, this is my first post, I've been reading the board for a while, but I have a technical question.

I recently picked up an older Hobart Tigweld AC/DC machine. The machine comes on and when I press the pedal, I get no gas in torch. It leads me to believe the gas solenoid not working, I take a closer look, and yes, it's not working. So I turn off the breaker, and open up the machine and pull out the solenoid valve. There is no information about this thing on the web. It's an acso valve, but seems too old to pull up anything on their website also.Tt's Saturday, so I'm not going to get anyone on the phone. Anyways, I am trying to see if it is something in the wiring or the pedal to see if its not getting any voltage to the solenoid.

Also, I dont know, but I think the solenoid is AC. There are no markings on it as to AC or DC or actuation voltage. There are two terminals on the solenoid itself and the two wires connecting to it are also bridged with a 9ohm resistor, that's it. The body of the solenoid is labeled as a ground but there was nothing connected to it.

How do I go about testing this thing? the pedal? etc.

I also by tried to bypass the solenoid and hook up the torch directly to the flowmeter and I was able to isolate a problem that there is no flow in the torch. I disconnected the argon hose feeding the torch and blew compressed air into the torch and there was no outflow. I looked closly and it looks like there isnt even holes in the torch inside. Weird. Is there something I'm missing?