I recently purchased a Miller Dynasty 200DX and want to practice welding thin aluminum.

I figured welding beer cans would be good practice and the materials are cheap.

The problem I'm having is that there are so many settings on the 200DX that I'm not sure where to set them all. It sure would be helpful if Miller included the recommended settings for various materials and thickness's in the owners manual and that they weren't generic but specific to the machine. I have their tig calculator but the 200DX has more settings than what are listed on the calculator.

I've tried the lowest amperage setting and frequency set around 200 but I have to move excessively fast just to get it to not burn thru.

Does anyone here have experience with welding something similar with a 200 DX and if so could you post all the settings as well as the tig rod size and tungsten size you are using?

one more thing.....when im welding aluminum and dip the tig rod into the puddle, the outside of the tig rod is "gummy" when I take it out of the puddle. It stretches like gum and is quite irritating. Does anyone know how to cure this?