Maybe someone here or someone at Miller can answer this question. I am using 1985 Millermatic 200, S/N: JF934861 with a GA-20C gun. The gun, by Miller's OM-1025D, was supposed to be used on machines with JG-46 in the serial number, so I have a newer style gun. I can still get tips, liners, and nozzles for it from Airgas without problem. I do however need 2 of the strain releif extensions, P/N: MIL 088 122. So if someone could help me find those pieces, that would be great.

However, my actual question is a big what if. What if something catostrophic happened to my gun assembly and it had to be replaced altogether. What gun can I replace it with? One of the MIGMatic M Series guns like the M-25? Or could I go the Roughneck C-Series 3015 by chance? I weld nothing but mild steel, using .035 Esab Dual Sheild 7100 Ultra Flux Core wire or Esab Spoolarc 86 Solid wire with 75/25 CO2/Argon Steel Mix. Material thickness is a minimum of 1/8", mostly 1/4" and 3/8", and 1/2" on occassion.

This machine runs like a champ and still looks as new as the day it was purchased, except for all the West Texas dirt and dust that has to be blown off of it from time to time. With that in mind, no its not for sale nor am I looking to replace it any time soon. My main concern is if something happens to my gun that can't be fixed, what are my alternatives? Thank you for advice and help in advance.

P.S. Anyone have a SKP-35 Spot Control Panel for this thing? After reading about what it can do, that would be something nice to add to the machine.