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    Quote Originally Posted by Tryagn5 View Post
    first im sure cruizer will chime in with a witty response to this. However if you were to read his other posts you would see his humor and personality is sometimes blunt and dry. However he is a miller tech who takes his own time to help countless people on this board. He has earned the respect of me, and many many people on this board. Although i have also disagreeded with him on the engine side of the welders, he normally is spot on with most of his troubleshooting. Again miller tech working for do u fault the man. You got a free answer. Your welcome.
    +1....... on RESPECT for Cruizer...

    The OP may not like his bedside manner... but then again... he could always PAY somebody to deliver the same wisdom in a sweeter manner...

    The more you know, The better you know, How little you know

    “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten”

    Buy the best tools you can afford.. Learn to use them to the best of your ability.. and take care of them...

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    TONS of Non-Blue Equip, plus CNC Mill, Lathes & a Plasmacam w/ PowerMax-1000

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    Well, yes, sometimes I am a little moody, but I do reasearch and pull up diagrams on pretty much evey machine that is requested. And on a big azz screen. Definately no glasses required.

    I can be a real pain in the A.S.S. and I know it, and I applogise for it, just who I am. I blame it on being an XXY, got a bit of the woman DNA and a bit of the man DNA. Together I get a little B.I.T.C.H.Y

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    Default agreed

    I totally agree with you , I have nothing personally against him in any way, but i do dislike douche answers where they are not warranted and more holy than now attitudes, I don't care who the person is. I have read many of his posts and have found him to be very accurate, and to post his knowledge for free is very generous indeed. I am a tech my self although not a "Miller" tech I do repair electronics on a daily basis among a dozen other things I offer advice where I can and help when I am able. Cruizer has my respect for helping others out all the time and in truth I was hoping for him to answer my initial question however with a somewhat friendlier response but in the end Thank you Cruizer, I now know that 24vdc has no current behind it, it is a control voltage only. Case closed.

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    i see my response was posted after everyone else's as it took me some time to finish with kids running about the place.

    I can understand Cruzier how things can be I used to have to deal with crash helmet victims (which sadly is starting to become the bulk of the population) on a daily basis and had enuff of it that alone can drive anyone nutz

    Much respect
    and I run the same motto it's just how I am if you don't like it G.F.Y


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    Quote Originally Posted by TheAbyss View Post
    ask a simple question and get a douche of an answer is to be expected i guess, i didn't bother looking any further other than the amp plug. actually I have purchased the manual from a 3rd party from a previous tech. Some one takes a course and thinks they are god's , it's always "mines bigger than yours" what is with that. Does it matter that I have quad monitors on my computer set up right here with 25 grand in O-scopes freq counters, function gens spectrum analyzers no it does not at all. At the end of the day if a owner wants to look into a problem him self why not? if he F's it up worse more money for us. I've dealt with plenty of the type who's head is so inflated it's gonna pop more than once. I hope you have a pretty yellow star on your hat that reads " I AM A TECH, I AM GOD".

    Why be nasty in the first place, a simple first response would of been, " Nope that 24V is low current direct from PCB" and that would of been fine.

    The only problem with Cruizer is that he is a very good troubleman with welders. Good enough that everyone knows it and he does as well. He has worked hard at it, and is proud of it, as he should be. You just need to play by his rules.
    He has helped me repair three of my own machines in the past, and is an excellent resource. You do, however, have to do your part.

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