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    Default Issue with Millermatic 210 wire feeder works but wont arc

    Hi i just recently bought an old Millermatic 210. Im having some issue with it when i turn the power on sometimes it does not turn on and when the power is on i connect the ground to the metal and press the trigger and the wire feed engages but no arc, I have read some threads about the selector being the issue or is it something smaller how do i know for sure . Iv tried changing the voltage up and down but to no prevail. welders Currently on 230V.when i wired it to my garage (Im in Canada) i capped the red wire leaving black and white as my hot. iv aslo read some threads on here that have confused me, some are saying if your running 240 you have to cap the white and us red and black as your hot. could this be an issue? i have no clue i am not an electrician. Any inpy would be greatly appreciated. Thank Derek

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    Ahhh, someone replaced the cable, that unit WILL NOT have red wire. Best trace the cable to your on/off switch.

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