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    Default Custom Headache Rack

    Hey, I have a friend who wants me to make a headache rack for his pickup truck. He also wants a winch mounting spot so he can pull his ATV into his bed. While looking at the picture he wanted me to base it on, it looked like the edges were made out of flat stock or sheet metal. Do you guys think that would be strong enough (not bend) to have the weight of an ATV against it?

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    I made one of these with the exact outcome in mind, what you may want to do is put flat stock that extends further across the end of the bed, about half way or so. It will spread some of the stress from pulling heavy things into the truck.

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    Also, what would be the best way of being able to mount this to the bed?

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    Default Custom Headache Rack

    I normally use 3"X3"X1/4"or4"X4" angle on both sides. Bolt those to the bed and weld the headache rack to it

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    I would consider adding an expanded metal grill to the rack to protect the back glass. If the pulling chain or cable breaks it could take out the back glass.

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    Thanks, I had in mind adding some expanded metal.

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    Default Custom Headache Rack

    I wanted to build one for my truck but ended up buying a pre made from backrack , I could not build as quality or as cheap as they provided

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