This machine was working great until one day I ran out of shielding gas. I had a little more welding to do on that job so I hooked up the gas bottle off the tig machine to do that last few welds. I knew straight orgon wasn't going to work very well but that last few welds didn't have to be the best so I went ahead and switched the tanks and finished the job.

The machine sat for about 3 months before I needed it to do another job so I went and got a new fresh tank of 75/25 and hooked it up and started to weld. After about 20 minutes of welding the wire started to burn back into the tip and after fooling around and burning several new tips I finally figured out that the wire roll was getting low and as the wire was unwinding off the roll it was hanging up and causing the rollers to slip. I put a new roll of wire in and it did the same thing so I changed the wire feed rollers.

I had cleaned the wire liner when I changed the roll of wire thinking that the liner could not possibly be bad already because I have only used up two rolls of wire the whole time I have had the machine. Anyway, after changing the rollers it still seemed like it wanted to hang up at times so I decided to get a new liner and try that. While all this was going on I noticed that the on and off switch didn't cut the machine off and I had to unplug the wire from the plug itself. I was thinking at the time this may have been normal when the gun cable was disconnected from the machine.???

I got a new liner, put it in the gun (standard M25 gun) and adjusted everything then plugged in the machine to give it a test run to see if everything was ok and I noticed that the switch still would not shut the machine off.

I can't find my paperwork of when I bought the machine and the place I bought it from wont call me back to let me know if it is still under warranty. I wouldn't mind the $40.00+ bucks to buy a new switch but I'm wondering if it may not be something else like a board or something that has gone bad. What does this sound like to you guys?