New to the forum, tried to find the answers I was looking for but no luck. I've only been in the field about 2 years, and have never welded or witnessed anybody welding chrome plated steel. I'm aware that chrome is poisonous when in gas form, and not to weld it, but people weld it when they grind it down to bare steel. So my question is, how far from the welds should I grind? I'm just doing a small side job, cut open a muffle for a buddy's mustang and gutting out the baffling so it's loud as can be (don't know why he wants that so don't ask). I'd like to keep this as cheap as possible and avoid replating. Only the tip matters appearance wise. And I'm also wondering if a simple dust mask will be ok for me to wear while I'm grinding it off. Whole thing is kinda a quick hack job I've been doing at lunch, and he's ok with that.