I just made two welds today with my new Dynasty 200DX, and would really appreciate some feedback from folks that recognize the various flaws and what causes them. These are my first welds of any type in about 20 years, and I never really learned to weld properly back then. I have read quite a bit on welding since then, but have not begun to practice until now. I am attaching photos below of the two pieces of 1/8" thick bar stock that I butt welded. All I did was wipe them down with alcohol and a paper towel before I started welding, so I realize that they weren't as clean as they should be.

I used a 3/32 tungsten, standard collet / body, #7 nozzle, 15 cfm gas. I started with 90 amps, but could tell that this didn't really penetrate very well, so then I cranked it up to 105, and then later to 115. For the 115 (second photo), I made the complete pass without stopping.

Any/all constructive feedback appreciated!

At 90 and 105 amps.jpgAt 115 amps.jpg