I'm new to the forum and this is my first post. I'm looking at building an aux fuel tank for fuel storage on the back of my flatbed. Before I dabble too much into it have a question about the design. I use the flatbed to haul 2 snowmobiles and the tank would be great for extra fuel on long trips so I don't need to run into town for fuel every night.

The flatbed has a headache rack and it extends from the front of the bed about 12'' into the bed. The skis on the snowmobiles go into this space when they are loaded (I don't have the option to slide the snowmobiles back as they hang quite a bit over the edge as it is). So I'd like a fuel tank that has a cutout in the center of it for the skis to go into. My question is about the fuel pump. The ones I know about have one pickup, so whatever space is directly under the pickup is what fuel is sucked up. However, my tank will have a left side, and then a cutout in the center, and then a right side. So I'm wondering how the fuel will get picked up on the right side if the fuel pump is located on the left side. Can you add an extra pickup on the fuel pump to go to the right side as well as the left?

As I'm sure these questions are confusing as ever, I've included some photos to try and clear up the confusion. Thanks for any advice and help.

Sorry for this being sideways