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Thread: Winch or hoist

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    i don't think you can free spoll it while it's under a load. i tried with my winch on my gator and rhino a few times and it wouldn't disengage .i had to power out the cable til it was off the laod then disengage the free spool i guess it's a safety feature so someone does not get hurt .if you force the knob to turn it will just strip out and all you will have is power in and power out had that happen to a few winch guy brought me to fix. got a big box of winch

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    Ok, I guess I misunderstood what you were trying to say. What I read implied that you should never let your ATV winch free spool, even without a load. I thought it went without saying that you don't release tension and let it free spool with a load on it.

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    I keep an eye out for Ramsey commercial 12-volt electric worm-drive winches. They are the same as used in thousands of wreckers and rollbacks for decades but with an electric motor rather than PTO or hydraulic drive, and you can convert one to the other if you have parts. I have four of them gotten cheap. Look on Craigslist as the electric versions go cheap if the motor doesn't work and motors are inexpensive.

    Last one I got at a flea market cost me 50 bucks plus around 180 for motor/new solenoids/misc parts:

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