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Thread: Winch or hoist

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    I want to lift from the beam in my shop but do not want the lifting device attached to the beam for clearance reasons .I want to attach the lifting device to the post and run the cable up and along the beam (see pic). The question is do I use a hoist or a winch. If I understand correctly a winch is designed to pull a load horizontally and a hoist is designed to lift vertically. The problem I am trying to avoid is some hoist manuals indicate you must have your hoist directly overhead to your work. In reading some reviews, some users have tried to pull with a hoist and the devise would not work. I want to lift ornamental gates to flip on my welding table, getting to old to do it by hand. I seldom build a gate that weighs more than 400 pounds. I have a winch that has a capacity of 10,000 pounds or can buy this ( at northern tool. The only other thing I have left to consider is what I am going to route the cable with i.e. pulleys, sheaves or what. So there it is guys, I hope I am not asking for the impossible.
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