Hi,I was wondering if I might get a helping hand(sorta speaking).I messed up my foot pretty bad and I'll be out of work (crutch bound) for a little while and I was wondering if anybody could supply any small welding projects that I could sell in my driveway to supplement my income to keep something in my refrig, until I can get back to work.It's to late for AFLAC.I do have nieghbors that said they would lend me a hand with some things but I would like some small projects that I could do without bothering them to much.
I have a Miller Maxstar 140 stick/tig welder and a(should I say it Clark 180).I do also have a set of torches but I ran out of oxy and I'd rather eat than fill the tank and besidesI can cut with my grinder and chop saw.
Thank You for your time in advance.