So I think I know the answer but would like the opinion from this forum.

I have a Trailblazer 280nt that I have had since 2001. It has 342 hours currently. Now that I'm in a position to really use it I'm having problems. In the morning when I fire it up it welds great. Once it starts getting warm it stops welding. It will try to ark but will not carry the ark. I tried switching it toAC and straight polarity. I also tried flipping the remote switches back and forth but to no avail. The generator still works just fine. I am going to assume it is one of the computer boards that is the main problem. I'm not truly sure which board it is.

Have any of you run into this and is it best to have a repair guy look at it or get the new $700 board and rock on?

Mind you the closest repair guy is 90 miles from me.

Thank you in advance.