Hey guys,

This project has been lurking for the last year or so, my customer got things started then ran out of money to finish, finally he gave me the go ahead to get it out of my workshop. Unfortunately his budget did not extend to repainting the blade but he assures me it will get done, (yeah right).

My customer is an Ag contractor and he wants it to be mounted on the front of a 200Hp Valtra Wheel Tractor 3pt linkage. It will be used for winning material to repair track damage caused by his equipment on jobs.

The Blade is from an old Cat D2, the rams I made from one large ram and the frame I manufactured. It can pivot left and right but I have disabled the tilt at this stage (Blue cross bar) as he does not think he will need it.

He will put it into service next week so I will try and get some pics posted of it is action.