Hi, I'm new here. (My how cliched sounding is that?) A quick rundown of what I have: A 33yr old machine that made its way here from what was likely oil fields somewhere in New Mexico (can just make out the old emblem) that some PO painted rattle can primer red...the panel labeling too. Did find a replacement off ebay however. Found the welder//gen locally while looking for a tractor loader to no avail, but found THIS instead which was also on the "to get" list. Good thing too since w/o it the tractor I did find, I wouldn't be able to rebuild the loader. What I paid? 800$ and worth every penny. Runs good but an issue is creeping up that I hope to take care of asap. Beginning to experience coolant loss from the water pumps weep hole that requires periodic topping off. As far as I know its original with who knows how many hours on it. Being such an old rig, parts are slim pickings especially since if it was a POS that broke down all the time then parts would be easily procurable. At this time its not practical to disassemble the shroud just to try and get a part# off the pump just yet since only half done with the tractor. Any possible parts source that doesn't cost an arm and a leg? Aside from that the starter is acting up (have to use a screwdriver to start it initially but starts with button after warmed up) but that part I've already found a source.