I have been welding for 12 years and the last three days I have been in a welding class to certify to weld for the company I am employed by even though I have been welding for them for 2 years. I know a lot of what they teach is for production welding but I wanted to see what you guys thought. They said that a downhill mig weld is stronger than an uphill weld, I disagreed with instructor and he became very defensive.

Anyways, the main question I would like an answer for is what welder setting would you use for an overhead fillet joint on 3/8" plate? They had us using 26.5 volts and 650 ipm for wire speed, normally I would weld about 24v and 350 and multipass. I can weld pretty good with my settings but with theirs I struggled to produce a decent bead. Is there anything with my settings and making three passes? We also tested with 3/8" plate making 7 vertical down passes with the 26.5v and 650 ipm. By the 7 pass, I don't see how the weld is penetrating at all because you are moving so fast trying to outrun the puddle.

I just really wanted to see what some of the guys who are certified and weld for a living thought of their procedures. I don't agree with them but if that's what they want then I will do it their way.