Hi guys, new here

I have a miller 252 mig welder.
a buddy of mine that owns a mill write company have me a prince
alum spool gun.

the spool gun does not hook right up to my welder.
the gun came with a unit wired in line called the "torpedo"

after a inquiry to mk products, the said the torpedo was an "interface" module that allowed the gun to work on miller welder a using the 14 pin connector.
the connector is just slightly to big to fit the receptacle on my welder.

of course they wanted to sell me a stand alone module to control the gun for 500$
I will only use the gun a handful times around the garage a year.

if anyone knows how to adapt this to my welder than would be great.
i think I have the correct wire diagram for my miller welder.
if I have to buy the right connector for the welder and put it on the gun wiring harness that is fine.
I would just need to know what wires go were.