Hello, I have a BlueStar 180E portable that we've had here for several years - has been an excellent machine. It has developed an issue where every once in a while it will strike an arc then the exciter winding kicks out, output goes to 0 volts and that's it. If I keep trying it, it seems to start working again - this is very frustrating as it makes a mess of the work, especially in hard to clean up places. I also have a S-32P suitcase that I run off this welder, seems to be worse when using it - will weld beautiful for a couple passes then barely melt off my wire stickout before fizzling out. I would take it to be serviced but the closest Miller approved service depot has disappointed me in the past, and the next closest is a 2 hr drive away (and they say it has to be sitting there to get into their work que, and at least 2 weeks before I can get it back), and I can use it the way it is - just takes some patience. I have checked out all the major components and connections - I don't have the skills to accurately test the PC1 board. I'm wondering if anyone else has had a similar issue and what the outcome was. Also wondering if anyone has a tip on best place to get replacement circuit boards. Thanks for your time