Hello everyone I'm in school for combination welding right now and I started school in October and will be finished in September and he will be teaching fabrication on the weekends and help me get a mig machine to start fabrication because he is trying help me build my business because he says I have the potential. I have a two car garage that can be a full time welding shop and he has been welding over 40 years in a lot of different states and knows a lot of tricks to improve your welding skills and I weld at my job which is mig so I know how to use a mig machine so should I take this on after school is done and I am goig to be certified in gmaw, gtaw and smaw and i have applied for a tax I'd and soon will be getting a llc soon I just would like some else's advice about starting there own welding shop aand soon will go mobile also any advice would be good positive and negatives about running one ?