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    Default trailblazer 325 problem fix or not?

    so, i read that lots of peoples had lots of problems with their 325 blazer!

    is those issues now fixed?
    i mean if i go buy new machine , will i end up fixing welders or broken metals..loll

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    I think all the problems have been looked at and fixed, minus some winter time cold weather issues, ie, freezing of the automatic tank vent and throttle encoder. A full cover is mandatory, and I've sold many to prevent this.

    I'm still not to fond of these especially for hot summer time issues. Engines need cold dense air to operate, however this system uses the intake from the flywheel fan to draw air in. This air comes from the front where already warm air is drawn in, and first has to cool the rectifier, and other components BEFORE it hits the engine.

    So already hot air has to cool the engines fins and super hot air is going into the engine intake. The EFI doesn't quite compensate for this already super heated air. Thats not to say it doesn't work. The idea is valid, I just don't like the idea.

    If there was a way to plug the EFI intake ports off the flywheel, and have that air forced directly over the engine fins, that would be great. Also have the intake say draw air from the back side of the case, that would be better for longevity of the engine. Just isn't alot of room in there. Almost need a hood scoop maybe

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