I had some spare time on my hands so I started this pit a few months ago.i made the bull horns out of some 90's I started with a 2-1/2 then down to a 2" then to a 1"1/2 then for the tip I used a 1"1/4 pipe I cut some pie wedges out and closed it up to make a point on the horns. for the rope look on the handles I twisted some 3/16 brass brazing rods and brazed them to the pit.the horse shoe I brazed it with the same rods to give it a good brass coating.i made 6 holes on the bottom so that way I can open up or close certain ones to control the heat.i welding some chain around the side of the side shelf plates to give it a bit more design. these pics are not of it finished I will post a few more after I take them. my neighbor bought it being he has horses.