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    Cool Pullup rig built last weekend

    Built an outdoor pullup bar rig for a friend on Saturday.
    Stable enough for a 240lb person to swing around on
    Non-permanent(didnt want to set posts in concrete)
    8' tall bar

    Inspired by these rigs made by Rogue

    Below is what I came up with.

    Wife testing it out

    A few questions:

    Ideas to minimize side-to-side sway. When he swings above the bar to do a bar muscle-up(google it), there's some movement to his left/right. Maybe some gussets/angled supports like this?

    Any tips on getting accurate cuts for mitered joints? To do fully mitered corners on the triangles, I would have needed ~29 deg cuts. My bandsaw can't make such a steep cut. Had to go with butted joints. Event those cuts were a bit off and required some grinding to get everything to fit before welding it up.

    I told my friend to buy some plastic end caps to keep water out of the open tube ends. Think those are water tight? Maybe he can add a bead of silicone.


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    I might try stiffening up the structure

    Ed Conley
    Passport Plus w/Spool Gun
    Miller 125c Plasma 120v
    O/A set
    SO 2020 Bender
    You can call me Bacchus

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