Hey all,
I'm planning out a latch to hold my pipe gate open since these New Mexico winds lately have been out of hand to say the least. Our gate does stay open when someone is home which is quite a bit, so i'm thinking of adding in a way to support some of the weight of the gate while i'm at it.
Initially I imagined a metal plate shaped like an arrow on a post at the gate's open position and as the gate opened it lifts the arrow and clicks into place, but I would still need a "ramp"underneath it attached to the post to hold the weight.
After some consideration, I am thinking of going with the arrow idea, but spring loaded upwards. As the gate opens it pushes the arrow latch down which springs up to hold the gate and support the weight.
Does any of that make sense and if out is understandable, does it sound like a good idea? I'll try to post a pic tomorrow of my drawing of it all. Does anyone have a better idea? The gate is 2" OD pipe.