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Thread: Dog Boxes??

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    Here's an idea for your dog boxes...make sure you have plenty of ventilation and insulation to protect your dogs....they are an oven in the summer and a freezer in the winter!
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    Default Thanks again

    Thanks again for the responses. I have decided to buy a synchrowave 180SD, and will post my pogress on the boxes in the next few months. I appreciate all of the feedback.

    Dallas, GA

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    Quote Originally Posted by harold
    Personally I would not get the econo tig ... For (a) little more $ you can get a syncrowave 180 SD Much much better welder and will keep you happy for a very long time.
    This brings up a good point I'd like to ask about. I'm looking to get an EconoTig as well. Same basic reasons. Hobbyist welding, things like bicycle frames, go karts, misc. small stuff, a gate here and there & an occasional motorcycle modification project . One of the reasons that I like the EconoTig is that it comes with so much stuff and has some of the high Freq advantages of bigger machines. My question is does the 180 come with all the stuff that the Econo does? The 180 is the machine that's used to teach at the local community college so I'm familiar with how it welds (Great). I just think it may be overkill for what I intend of it. Can someone comment on what they think of the Econo if they've used it? Thanks


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