Anyone have any advice on using a Dialarc 250P AC/DC (non HF) machine with a scratch-start DC TIG set up for mild steel? I have an argon regulator already so the set up cost will not be extensive. I'm contiplating this set up for thin metal work under 0.083" wall (14 gauge) and wonder how easy it is to use and if you can get quality welds down to 18 or 20 gauge? I'm just getting back into welding after being away from it for 25 years so I'm not as polished as I would like to be. With a 3/32 7018 stick I can do OK down to about 0.065" wall (16 gauge) but I do get the ocasional burn through if I don't run the bead fast enough. Also wonder how good this set up would be on stainless. Would appreciate hearing your opinions. Thanks