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I totally resemble these remarks....
And I would be happy to own a HTP 221. The problem being much of what has already been said here. It's too bad IMO that HTP hasn't taken the time to build up some kind of a dealer network when you consider how long they have been around.
They have really limited themselves to the home shop welders.

As far as the statements about how certain people can out weld anyone on this forum...... I would take that back. Read the member list first. Good chance they already belong. There are HUNDREDS OF SERIOUS TRAINED PROFESSIONALS IN OUR MEMBERSHIP HERE, both old school and new school!
Not to mention bragging for someone else on the Internet is even less reliable than hearing it firsthand on the Internet
Many times we find that the cheaper tools are NOT the most cost effective in the long run..

The difference in initial cost ends up being insignificant over the thousands of hours of life of a tool like a welding machine..

More important are Performance and Reliability ....as well as the many factors surrounding the machine and the organization that supports it and it’s users..

For my money… Miller provides the machines and support that give the confidence to spend the required funds on equipment that I can rely on over the long haul…

A welding machine is a significant investment… so I would suggest careful consideration of ALL the factors before one leaps… there is a considerable difference between machines and the organizations that support them…

As far as the "Best Weldor" operator argument....

I see the work of many people.. some VERY talented.. some not so much....
there is something to be learned from many of them.. much depends on your experience and viewpoint..

Isn't it wonderful that Miller has provided us with this forum that allows us exposure to it..??.

I know NOTHING about who is "BEST" but Two TIG Craftsmen that particularly impressed me with their skill are John Marcella & Chris Razor... not disparaging anybody else... these two just stood out to me..

Here are a few videos that you might enjoy…