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I'm thinking about going to welding school. So you guys think there's a demand for welders in today's work force?
Plenty of demand, just need to find the right fit for you. You can work for local companies producing crap mig welded stuff, and sit in a booth all day welding it, or go to work for an iron company welding buildings together, or a pipeline company, likely as a helper for a year. It all depends on what you enjoy welding. I hired an fairly unskilled guy 2 years ago. He shows up every day, the training has taken a long time, but now he can cut, weld, bend, forge, and finish most of the custom ironwork that i do. I can leave him in the shop working while i go on sales calls, and come back to finished products. If he had started out more skilled it would have taken less time, but he seems to enjoy what I do. Moral of the story, find out what brach of welding you enjoy, and pursue that. Show up every day on time, and be able to pass a pee test if needed.