I have a Syncrowave 200 as shown below. There have been times when I've been stick welding various thicknesses on the bench and the bead I was laying would come up on a thinner area and I'd have to get up and turn down the amps.

So........ I thought it would be very nice to be able remotely lower the amps without stopping it the middle of a bead. Being a hobby welder and always thinking outside the box, I decided to reverse the the leads for DCEP and leave the machine in the tig mode and use the pedal.
This made it very interesting, since the HF start made it so I didn't have to strike the arc, and I was able to back off the pedal a little as things got a little to hot.

Question: Can you do harm to the machine doing this? You never know with these electronics. I decided to only do about a half a stick before I researched it more. It sure works nice.