[QUOTE=Willie B;319607]If you are tripping breakers under conditions you never did before, I'd suggest getting an electrician to check. could be anywhere between high voltage utility line and welder. A bad connection might cause your symptoms. The place I would check first is behind your breaker. The most common failure is there. Some brands of breaker panels are worse than others.

[Thanks Willie, I'll check my electrical connections on the switch. That may be a good place to start troubleshooting the problem as I had just barely touched the switch to turn it off when the breaker blew. Perhaps there is a loose connection and I jiggled it when I touched it? I bought the machine new in 1983 but never used it very much. I babied it but it has been moved quite a few time (military relocations) so may be it got shaken a few times by movers. Cheers]