Hi Everyone, I can't weld worth a hoot and stick welding is a real challenge for me.

I have the "ol red" Lincoln and only have 30 amps where I use it.

I have built buildings (sheds, patio, etc) using a wire-feed, but it sure isn't pretty!

Right now, I have been welding on some lightweight galvanized pipes, and it's a real pain. I have a hard time getting the stick to start and when it does, I might just burn a hole in the pipe.

So much for my woes! I came across a couple cans of 3/32 rods about half as big as my little finger. Can't even find the specs on'em. I borrow a few sticks from a neighbor who swears by the 7014, but they tend to act the same way as my larger ones did. Probably operator error .

WHAT WOULD RECOMMEND (other than tossing my welder), based on what I have disclosed ? Also, what settings?

Many thanks,