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Thread: cracker box

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    Quote Originally Posted by brownbagg View Post
    I just wanted some more adjustability, the Lincoln is ok for welding just can't fine tune ampere
    I know what you mean by fine tuning. Being able to "tweak" it up or down 5 amps is nice.
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    Quote Originally Posted by H80N View Post
    And when it croaks... who are you going to get to repair it..??

    Have to ship it to WHERE for service..??

    do you really need a chinese doorstop...??

    I if you want a REAL Quality AC/DC Stick machine in that price range...

    a used Miller Dialarc can be found for the same money or less....has a superb arc... and it will still be plugging along for the next generation and beyond...

    BTW... the Lincoln Tombstone is a fine machine... the Dialarc would be a step up...chinese would be a BIG step down...IMHO
    Man I agree about the Everlast,those things are nothing but junk.

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    as with any man made machine, they wear out, if you just hobby weld, a miller thunderbolt is more than you need, just go buy one of them new, and get a brand new machine, youi will never need to buy another. as a hobbiest, running 7018x.125dia rod is most likely the largest rod you will ever need, and the tbolt can handle that all day long, even if you weld 1 inch thick plate, it can be easily done with a thunderbolt, given some rest periods for duty cycle, get a new miller and you will not regret it, forget all these import welders, twice as cheap, shelf life is pityful

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    Default cracker box

    Brownbagg what do you plan to do with your tombstone if you end up purchasing another stick machine? I'm just curious as to what will be the outcome. I would have killed for a D/C model when I was a teenager. There is always someone wanting to get into welding and looking for a deal on a used unit.

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