OK. So I was trying my hand at tig welding aluminum, neither of which I've done before. I don't know how to adjust the settings. In all of the reading that I've done, there seems to be no consistency. I am trying to reach out to those that actually do this. In the pix that I have attached are the pieces that my shop has. Hand controls, no foot control for the torch. HF 251 D, trailblazer 302D and WC 24 (for aluminum MIG). Trying to understand the settings. I am told that on the HF box, I should max it and put it on START not continuous, and switch to remote (then use my thumb control to fine tune). On the generator, I should be 150-200 amps and on a/c. And I do not use the WC 24 for tig. Am I correct on all of this? Please, any of those that can help, I take all suggestions.