My NT Legend was one nice welding/generator - bought new at the dealer in 12 or so years back and never any problems. The thing I liked best was how the multiphase output throws an unusually fat smooth arc at low amps & rpm. Then last fall it got wet for days in a storm we had so. After that, rather than run it I took the opportunity to take it back to the dealer for cleaning & service...Where they charged $100 to tell me they no longer service or stock parts for that model.....rats...

I like the Miller NT enough to fix it, but don't know where to go from here. Does anyone service or stock parts for NTs?
Or if not, what's a good replacement?
The NT output is 200/225 amps and that's more than enough. Things I appreciate in the NT and want in my next one are a smooth multiphase arc at Lo Amps for lightweight stuff. Plus use as a generator that runs fairly quiet and low RPM and can put out real AC power without needing high RPM to do it.

Any ideas?
Thanks, Roger L.